Leviathan Battleships

I'm usually just posting about Dystopian Wars here but I thought I'd take a quick break from that and talk a little bit about this new game that released yesterday called Leviathan Battleships.

Think that they drew some inspiration from Dystopian Wars? I'd say so! So far I've gotten through the tutorials and am now in the third missions, which I flubbed most solidly! I do enjoy that they don't seem to be taking it easy on you but rather throw you in the deep end.

So the way that they have set up the game is that there is a planning phase where you get the plot out the ourse for your ships, tell them to change angles, fire weapons, lay mines and arm shields and the like. Once you hit the Commit button the second phase of your turn takes place where 10 seconds of combat plays out according to what you (and your opponent) planned.

So far I've only played the campaign against the marauders and they are definitely tough enough, I am looking forward to testing my mettle against human opponents though.

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