For Queen and Country!

You might ask what a model whore such as myself was doing on a Tuesday night instead of painting the kabillion Dystopian Wars models in his Covenant of Antarctica fleet or in his ever increasing Republique of France force.

Or perhaps this model whore was painting the overwhelming tide of Americans needed for the Flames of War Kelowna tournament coming up on April 20th (my birthday!).

Alas, no. None of those things took place. Instead I saw fit to finish painting up the test Tribal Cruiser for my British starter box set. I was inspired after seeing them in action on Monday, so figured I'd lock that paint scheme into place.

Overall, I'm happy with how they look. I LOVE the cream and red, not so much in love with how the
detailing of the metallics turned out, but it'll grow on me, I'm sure. I like that the colour scheme is a vast departure from my Covenant of Antarctica. They'll contrast quite nicely on the seas of blue.

Anyhow, what with so many other fleets in my collection, I think I'll likely just finish painting the british starter box and move on. I don't see myself expanding this force anytime soon, even though the models are beautiful and perform quite well on the board.

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