Brits, Painting and Robots.

Tribals as a WIP. You can see the Attackers in the back too.
Man, I feel like I have a lot of cool things to update you all on. :) Now that things are more or less back to normal what with my computer being back and having the gaming bug again there has been a flurry of activity lately.

A second WIP shot and you can see how tiny the little
magnets are on the turrets! Fiddly to work with!

  1. We set a date for the third podcast! We have booked Sunday the 20th of Jan to record our third podcast and we've got great updates to bring you. I've been working on my Brits and will be talking about them some. I have gotten a copy of the Storm of Steel as well as the new Infantry blister so I'll review those and we've started scheduling demo games so one of the things that I wanted to talk about was how to go about growing a community and demoing.
  2. Brits! Here are some pictures of the British that I've been working on. I'm SUPER happy with where they are going so far. I opted for a cream base colour scheme that is offset with some highlights of red, metalics and copper. I think the effect is going to make for a really dramatic starter army on the gaming board. I went to the trouble of magnetizing the Tribals with 1/8 magnets on their hulls and 1/32 magnets on the turrets. Fiddly to work with but well worth the effort!
  3. We've started getting some interest in Heavy Gear Blitz lately! I've posted some pictures of the Chasseur test model that I finished today which I'm super happy with and I even took a couple of high res videos with my new Samsung Galaxy Note II. I'll plan on taking a lot more WiP vids with this as it does macro videos really well it would seem!
I've got to say, I am REALLY enjoying 2013 gaming season so far. I'm very excited about Dystopian and looking forward to sinking my teeth further into Heavy Gear. I'll definitely be making these two games my mainstay for the coming months.


  1. I swear you sound like me in your videos lol. Nice stuff, great quality video by the way! What primer is that grey you used on the Heavy Gears?

  2. Well I would have eaten you in the womb (what with being your evil twin and all) but then who would I nerd out with online?

    I tried out the Army Painter Grey. Had a really great spray. I used 2 coats, worked well as a base. Super fast drying and had a nice even finish.

  3. Well, to help you out, Clockwerks, I would like to mention that the weapons were... frag cannon, light autocannon, light bazooka, light grenade launcher, and finally the one you mentioned as a plasma rifle is the medium autocannon (an upgraded autocannon with more damage punch).

    Great to see you putting these out, and awesome basic color scheme. I notice that your paints happen to have a great deal of 'gloss' to them, which I personally find appealing. However, if you like to go with a -very- matte finished, I can also highly recommend the Reaper Line's Heavy Gear paints, because those are really, really great for these miniatures, and even are named sometimes after the factions they are produced specifically for.

    Look forward to seeing more! God bless!

    1. Hey thanks for the reply Brandon! Yeah I tend to like going for the satin or high gloss finishes. It allows me to really cake on the varnish so those models don't chip easily and I also kind of like my models to look a little less ultra-realistic and more like models.

      Thanks for the clarification on the weapons. That is likely one of the more complicated elements of getting used to this game is all of the options that you can arm your gears with.

    2. Very true. It takes awhile to get familiarized with all of the acronyms and the variety of weapons that each Gear can carry. The fact that they are so modular is one of the best things about the game, in my humble opinion, but then I'm very biased towards large war machines that are realistically portrayed. :)

      And after noticing the wear and tear that paint goes through, I fully understand your desire to put varnish on them.

  4. Looking forward to this weeks Podcast guys.

    1. Ugh I feel like the worst podcaster ever. Updates to come in latest blog post.