Barracks Have Arrived and Heavy Support

Well I got a nice mid-afternoon perk on Friday at work today. My second order from Dream Pod 9 arrived! With it came my Battlefoam Heavy Gear Blitz army case, my Hussar (the last model that I will order for a very long time indeed!) and my free pack of infantry. :)

VERY happy with the quality of the army case! Battlefoam puts out an amazing product. If you haven't any Battlefoam cases yet or have been wondering about the cost, let me tell you it is WORTH it! These cases are miles better than any of the Games Workshop cases that they pump out, they actually fit the models that they are made for and are full of extra pockets for books and dice. I've moved my models for Flames of War via Battlefoam cases twice across the country, I've taken them on airplanes and even had a few drops and came away unscathed. If you care at all about keeping your miniature investment protected get a case or two!

Also my Hussar came for my NuCoal army, which I'm quite excited about painting up but won't be able to tackle for quite some time yet. I've got lots of GP Squads and Recons to get through on top of my Dystopian Wars starter boxes. But I remain resolute that it'll be the last figure that I buy until I finish getting through my unpainted minis collection.

Oh! And Houston, we are a god to record the Podcast on Sunday! We're meeting to play some Descent so we're having folks come over a couple of hours early so that we can bang that out. Fingers crossed!

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