Demos, defeats and synergy.

Lots of Dystopian Wars activity over the course of last weekend!

First off I made it as one of Spartan Games' Vanguards. I figured that I am already planning on demoing the game anyhow, so I may as well get some support for that. I was really chuffed getting my application approved. I need to fast-track my British demo force so I have two that can be fully painted. I think I've got a nice scheme picked out too with burgandees and cream. Should look pretty great.

On Friday I hosted a demo game for my friend Geoff. We played the boxed sets of Covenant of Antarctica and the Kingdom of Britannia. It was surprising because the game took a very long time but we had run into all sorts of interesting rules permutations. We had collisions galore, boarding actions, LOS clarifications, etc. I'll admit that the main rulebook is by no means concise so you end up spending a bit of time looking up rules, at least while we are all learning them.

It was a really great game though and in the end there was just his battleship and my battleship left and we were circling each other with 3 damage on each.

On Saturday I had Brad come over with his Japanese and he had further honed his Air-based list to quite a fine edge indeed! When they are all in their optimal conditions, every single unit/squadron is 5+ to hit or worse due to being submerged, obscured or a small target. It made for a very tough go indeed! I'm still trying to figure out how to counter that and the only thing that I could come up with was maybe using a Target Painter on the battleship (or take 2!) to reduce the to-hit to a more realistic number. But then I run into the trouble of not being able to fire primaries at a RB1 flyer. So I'll have to work out how to capitalize on secondary weapon systems which are subjected to that issue. Also, I think, as much as I love my Pericles, it is absolutely the wrong model to take against Brad's army. It's fairly soft and squishy and can't do things like go to obscured level when launching drones which makes it very vulnerable indeed! The epicurus on the otherhand can do exactly that so at least it's being hit on a 5 or 6. Plus it also has Quick Launch which is SO good.

Anyhow, plotting, plotting. I need to hone my army list synergy as I think I've been taking units mostly with the intent of them operating alone, which is fine but it's not performing very effectively against my opponent, so I need to work that out otherwise I'm going to keep losing games.

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