On the Bench: Pericles Fleet Carier

I've been all over with my painting in the last few days. Lately I've been working on my wetblending techique with some Firestorm Armada Aquans. It has been painful.

So to space out the Aquan agony I've been painting up the rest of my beloved Covenant of Antarctica fleet.

This week I focussed on getting my Pericles Fleet Carrier done.

I LOVE this model. Absolutely love it! What's not to love? It's huge to begin with, riddled with a bewildering amount of detail and it looks something like the resurection mothership on Battlestar Galactica. The pillars are actually launch rails for the drones to get flung into the air, which I thought was a really clever design concept. If you look down the middle of the carrier there is a steam train on tracks that presumably runs along loading new drones into the launch rails to get flung into the sky.

Fricken awesome.

Plus it has the option to field energy turrets (depicted here) or traditional weapons batteries. It fields a hefty array of torpedoes, weapons broadsides and Ack Ack.

I just love this model and am quite happy to be able to field even more drones as Tiny Fliers in this game are just great.

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