Dystopian Wars or OMG, OMG It's Steampunk Boats!

Zac's Prussian Battleship looks awesome!
So last Thursday I made it down to Myth Games to meet up with some of the locals and played some Dystopian Wars. I had a great intro game with Stad and met two other Dystopian Wars players Zac and Brett.

I've been really keen about this game ever since my buddy Tristan over at Tabletop Tacticians had talked about it and since have become a huge fan of Spartan Games. I certainly wouldn't mind getting into their full range of games.

I played the British versus Stad's Prussians. In the end I lost to him; he had a slightly modified list with lots of arial support as well as the arial Prussian carrier and I was running the Britanian boxed set. Unfortunately neither of the armies were painted but I did manage to get some shots of Zac's painted Prussians which looked fabulous on the Dreadfleet cloth that comes in the boxed set.

More of Zac's Prussian Cruisers and Escorts.
As I've said before, the detail of the Spartan Games miniatures is amazing. I've been thoroughly impressed with their line of miniatures. The rulebook, sadly, needs some love, but it has that feel of an older style of miniature games which appeals to the child in me.

When I'm not playing tabletop miniatures I'm in the process of moving into a new house in downtown Calgary which will have a basement at my disposal to make a bit of a gaming den with. I'm really excited about this prospect and fully intend upon creating a detailed board dedicated towards Dystopian Wars.

Stad's Zeppelin Carrier devours my British Fleet.
The rulebook being a little bit badly laid out doesn't mean that the rules themselves are bad. In fact the game is quite good! They have an exploding dice mechanic which I really like that lends itself towers some truly epic combats. Basically how the exploding dice mechanic works is that if you roll a 6 to hit that 6 counts as 2 hits and you pick up the dice and roll it again. If it rolls another 6 that roll counts as 2 hits as well and you pick up and roll again! It's a great little mechanic that makes for some fun situations as well as some colossal causalities.

Anyhow, much more posts on Dystopian Wars to come!

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