Moar Pumas!

An SdKfz 234/2 Puma, one of 101 ever produced
in the Second World War,
Well, we started out cross-country move today from Ottawa to Calgary. Had a bit of a late start but managed to get the apartment all cleaned up and pack the car and on the road by noon.

Which I was totally ok with because it meant that two hours down the road on the Trans-Canada Highway was Petawawa where me and my fiance stopped in so that I could pick up some more Pumas for my Lehr Panzerspah Recce list that I'm building.

I've made it no secret that the Puma is absolutely my favourite unit, really for no other reason than they look hella cool, are small and have lots of skirmishing capabilities. I like how surprisingly robust and aggressive they can be.

Anyhow, so I picked up 7 more of the little suckers, effectively cleaning out Perkins Hobby House of their supply. That'll bring my total up to 10 which is the minimum required to field the Puma list (assuming I don't want to go with the SdKfz 250/9 halftrack option, but for a combat platoon option that makes me nervous. Pumas would be far more resilient in my opinion.

All I need now are my Hummels and I'm good to go. With some playtesting I'll be able to take this list to Game Summit.

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