Paint Brushes Maketh the Man

I always enjoy getting new paint brushes. Even if they are the shitty ones.

Actually, I have to say, I do prefer crappy paint brushes to nice ones. The cheaper ones hold an edge just fine, I find and more often than not, even if I have a decent set of brushes I invariably end up cutting the points with an xacto-knife anyhow.

Sure the nice paint brushes are better quality but when you can spend upwards of $30 or more on a brush, do you really want to do anything by way of lining, drybrushing, blending or anything that's going to cause some wear? I don't!

Europa configuration
With the cheaper brushes I don't really care. I can use them for whatever I want and at $2 a brush I'm not worried if they don't last through an entire project.

So I've taken a small detour on my Warhammer models to complete some of the PHR frigates that I have for Dropfleet commander. Since my frigates are at a premium I decided that it would make sense to go ahead and magnetize the weapon types. It's a bit more work on the build time and
painting but well worth the effort.

I got the first frigate done in about 3 hours which I think is fairly respectable considering that 1 frigate is now 3 essentially. :)

Pandora configuration
I'm really not sure yet what kinds of frigates I like, I can see uses for them all. Initially I REALLY loved the Andromedas. Just something about pocket carriers really made me excited and reminded me of my Eve Online days when I'd run around in an Ishkur drone frigate.

The Pandoras are gods though in numbers with their small signature and absolutely deadly burn through laser.

While I dismissed the Europas for having somewhat mediocre broadsides, I did see how they can essentially almost drop a heavy cruiser in a single, well placed volley if fielded in numbers, so we'll need to test those further to see if they continue to perform.

I'm enjoying painting the frigates, mostly because I can bust them out relatively quickly, but I'll be
Andromeda configuration
happy to get back to my Warhammer figures and start chipping away at that new projects.

Oh! Also, I've been using Trello as a way of keeping all of my painting projects on task. I highly recommend using it! I might do a blog post and show some screen shots on how I'm using it soon.

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