Just a quick update.

I managed to finish off the 4 frigates that I was working on for my Dropfleet PHR. This will allow for a nice degree of versatility in my fleet. I have another 10 to whip up, I know that 2 will be Calypso and will likely do up at least 2 more Medeas so I can run a nasty little frigate horde.

Now that I'm talking it out I'll likely need to do the remaining frigates that aren't Medeas in a modular format as well, that way I can field whatever I like. It takes a bit longer but is well worth it in the end.

I'll need to get a few more cruisers at some point to round out the fleet. The troopships are amazing, but if I was to reposition the fleet to be frigate heavy, I think I'd rather have some lighter cruisers
available to me as I fear the troopships would get lit up and nuked in no time. Better to go with something cheaper points wise, I think.

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