Painting Project Finally Finished.

Ironman PHR ready to conquer the galaxy.
You know that feeling you get when you finish a painting project and set up all your minis in your army and just kind of... admire them?

I haven't had that feeling in a long long while.

Tonight though I finally finished a tight little 1000pt list that I'm going to be taking to game with a friend on Thursday.

Here is the list:

Hand of the Sphere: 305
Command Squad: Zeus (Councillor), Odin, Neptune: 241
Janus Squad: 2 Janus, Triton: 64

The Medusa. It's a bit crazy how detailed the model actually is.
Battle Pantheon: 265
Battle Squad: Ares, Phobos, Neptune
Helios Squad: 2 Helios

Immortals: 104
Immortals: 2 Immortals, Triton (RX-20 Miniguns)

Pegasus Group: 323
Janus Squad: 2 Janus, Triton: 64
Valkyries: 2 Valkyries, Triton: 119
Medusa: Medusa, Triton X: 140


What I love about this project is that there are units here that I will likely use in almost every list. The command squad, the medusa, valkyries, immortals... It's a great core.

Such a satisfying feeling having finally completed a painting project.

Janus Scout Walkers

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