Black Knight Games Dropzone Tournament Coverage

I've been meaning to dump a bunch of these pictures of the Dropzone Tournament that was hosted at Black Knight Games in Hamilton back on April 9th, 2016.

This was the second tournament that Black Knight has put on and while a smaller showing than the first one (mostly due to conflicting schedules) it was still a very enjoyable day.

I took what I felt was an OK list, mostly capitalizing on the latest meta of the PHR by taking a walk on Hades, a Medusa, 2 squads of Valkyries and what felt like a ton of AA units (mostly Helios). Though as much AA assets as I had, it never felt like enough because my opponents in all three games definitely focused on taking them out.

I was pretty chuffed nonetheless as it was my first time being able to show up with a completely painted army. That makes such a HUGE difference for me!

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