Fast times at the Danish port

So in a week approximately, Adam is running a tournament at Imaginary Wars that I am doing my best not only to get my butt to it but also bring a different fleet than what I have been playing. So here marks the end of EOTBS and the beginning of KoD (not that my EOTBS wont continue just hiatus).

After having this fleet for far longer than I should  I really want to get it in the game. I have begun on some boats as to stop myself from going crazy with the large amount of tiny flyers . Tonight I got to work on 7 Korsor corvettes and 2 Sigurd cruisers.

Adding that to last weeks Skagerrak gunship and Sigurd Cruiser plus my 11 tiny flyers.

For now that is all that has been worked on. I will keep you guys posted on what I am working on next, completion to my standards may not occur in time but I am more concerned about having to bring in some EOTBS to finish up the list instead of having access to the gorgeous lend lease program. When in a crunch beggers cant be choosers.

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