The First 800
Oh so excited!

So one of our local Dystopian Wars players has decided to take it upon himself to organize a map-based campaign. I couldn't be more excited about the prospect of spending the next 3 months waging battle in the South Pacific. From what I'd seen of the rules that he's worked out, there is going to be a great deal to blog about to close out the year.

It looks like he's going to do monthly escalations with the first being 500 - 800pts, November being 800 - 1,200pts and December being 1,000 - 2,000pts. So the first portion of the campaign will require 800pts of painted minis.

But what to take? My French already have a great deal painted but a great deal more that could be painted. I've got a HUGE Covenant force along with a sizeable Air component as well as the new models. I've got a decent Italian fleet that I've been meaning to paint forever. Then there are the Danes.... You get the idea.

So I put the decision to a vote and put the poll up on the Dystopian Wars Alberta page which came back with a resounding vote towards the Italians.

So with that in mind I planned out what I'll have to paint for my first 800. Here is the list:

Affondatore Assault Carrier: 230pts
      6 SAWs
      6 Uccisor Torpedo Boats

3 Gladius Cruisers: 255pts
     6 Uccisor Torpedo Boats

4 Cinquedea Frigates: 120pts

4 Cinquedea Frigates: 120pts

2 Scutum: 50pts


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