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For a relatively cheap board game there sure are a lot of parts!
Man, it's been a while. I need to not go a month between posts. I've kind of been spinning my wheels though, seems like I never find time to paint, though there is time it just requires a bunch of scheduling and I inevitably end up pretty tired at the end of the days.

So lately I've been playing a lot of board games, which has definitely been a lot of fun. There isn't the same degree of satisfaction playing them as say playing a fully painted army that you've just finished though. I've lots of plans to get stuff done but seem to not get anything done. Ugh. I hate those ruts.

Anyhow, played the Firefly board game on Friday evening, it was great. I was tickled with how much like the series the game felt. You get to choose a Firefly and a Captain, buy gear and hire crew. You take on jobs from folks like Patience and Badger, all from the series... It was great.

Been playing some Smallworld too, man that's a great game. I'm eagerly looking forward to playing the Realms expansion with some friends, it should be great. :)

In wargamming I've had the chance to play a couple of games of Firestorm Armada. I have to say the
Just look at them sleek lines and walkers. :) Yum!
Aquans are pretty powerful, I don't disagree with the nerfs that Spartan Games has recently introduced. I'm looking forward to playing the Aquans at the Out of the Basement tournament coming up in July.

Dystopian Wars Version 2 is so close too! The new rulebooks ship in just 10 days and I'm SO excited about that! At the OOTB tourney there will be a V2 tourney for Dystopian Wars too, which is just awesome. I was originally going to take my Italians but since they won't have their official rules released in time I think I'll take my French and work on some of the models in that collection that I don't have finished.

Additionally the OOTB tourney has a Dropzone Commander tournament that I'm SUPER excited about. I've been eyeing this game since its release and there are a few of us in our regular gaming group that look interested in giving the game a try. I'm definitely going to pick up some Post Human Republic. I just LOVE the aesthetic look and the fluff background on the faction is fucking awesome.

Anyhow, lots going on, I've just been dark lately. I'll try to get more posts out though.

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