Video Battlereport: Kingdom of Britannia vs The League of Italian States

Geoff and I got together last evening to have an 850pt throw down with his Britannians versus my Italians. We both had some pretty interesting lists. Geoff decided to try the War Rotor, which unfortunately died due to a lucky magazine explosion, but scared the hell out of me the entire game. He also had other favourites such as the Vanguard subs (I still love em), Attackers, Tribals and some Agincourts.

I took a double carrier fleet, 2 packs of Scutum frigates and a Gladius cruiser squadron. This resulted in 18 torpedo boats running around the board and 22 tiny flyer tokens!

The Italians are definitely interesting. Our game only lasted 2 turns due to the lucky double magazine explosion but it definitely gave us a feel for the newer fleets. We had a chance to take a look at the upcoming Aussie rules and all I can say is DAMN! Geoff is pretty excited too, I imagine we'll be seeing some folks from 'down under' on the table in short order.

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