Update: WIP

Well. It's been a busy couple of weeks for Flames of War, so I hadn't had any time to play around with any Dystopian Wars projects. I do have 3 islands on the workbench right now that will need finishing in the next little while and I did order 2 more Epicurus Sky Fortresses to ensure that I can continue to compete in the overwhelming Tiny Flyer game that Brad and I seem to be engaged in.

It's funny. We are both seeing a definite arms race happen between us. As I learn more about Brad's forces I do find myself forced into the air to compete with obscurement and AA. I also find myself looking at things like flak towers and anything to guard against air forces.

I imagine our escalation of arms is somewhat similar to what the US/Japanese campaigns found at sea during WWII with aircraft carriers and the like.

I've pre-ordered my copy of Storm of Steel, the second campaign book being released for Dystopian. SUPER excited about that!

Finally we're recording the first Dystopian Wars Podcast this weekend! I even went out and bought a professional digital mic so that you all get a good quality listening experience.


  1. Very cool on the upgraded equipment for the podcasts! Looking forward to hearing them.

    Also, still haven't played a game, but already looking forward to the ability to do campaigns! Plus if I can get one of my regular players into the game I am sure an arms race will happen here as is norm for us.

  2. Yeah it's pretty funny. Lately I'm like a gambler motivated by his losses. ;) I received a couple of nasty upgrades the other day that I'll need to paint up. Looking forward to that!