Clockwerk Warriors Podcast Episode 1: Flight of the Nubs

Well it look a little editing but here we have it, our inaugural podcast for Clockwerk Warriors.

Here are the show notes:

Episode 1: Flight of the Nubs
First Act: 
  1. Why a podcast about dystopian?
  2. What have we been up to? Painting projects, games, etc. What are we working on?
  3. Getting into Dystopian Wars: where to start. Rules or models? Boxed sets pros and cons. Naval, air or land? What kind of a gamer are you?
Act 2:
  1. Storm of Steel Second Campaign Book and the introduction of infantry tokens: Initial thoughts, etc.
  2. Discussion of Tiny Flyer rules: how do they compliment your force? How to use them effectively?
  3. Discussion of Air units: Why are they good? How do the mechanics work for or against them?
  4. Conclusion: Next time we'll discuss list construction and how to create synergies between your squadrons and play to your nation's strengths.


  1. Great first pod cast! I enjoyed it, and the casual approach - now if I can just get the gang here to play something new (like Dystopian Wars) !

  2. Thanks man! Yeah, it's an awesome system! We love it and it's a great diversion from Flames of War.

  3. Hey guys, really good first episode. Hope there's many more to come, you've found a good mix of people and opinions.
    I'm a Prussian player myself... Just had to paint up that airship. This game is perfect for my aesthetic way of choosing an army list. A game for me has to provide me with a narrative and reason to play and this game certainly does that.
    Anyway I'll post some pics of my fleet up for you to see in the next few days
    Keep up the good work
    Chat soon

  4. Hey Guys

    Love the podcast. I'm a Blazing Sun addict with 2 box sets of both land and sea. While I love Prussian airship a we had a heap of Prussian players and the robosquid sold me.

    Looking forward to more land based stuff coming to Dwars as I really think its been a naval game with air till now.

  5. Congrats on pod-cast #1 keep it up.

  6. Damn all these podcasts.. might have to start up the Dice Devilry 'Cast at some point :)

    If I didnt have 1.5 years' worth of FoW to paint, I would love to get into DW... and I would probably have to go with Blazing Sun or Brits.