Teeny Tiny Drukhari

Teeny tiny pieces!
I can say with some experience that one has never experienced putting together a finicky model until one has attempted to put together a multi-piece 6mm one!

I received my Dark Eldar army 4 days earlier than I'd originally thought so this evening my wife and I retired up to to loft and we put on Crimson Peak while she knit and I set to begin assembling very, very tiny evil space elves.

I started on the Raiders first. Raider transports don't cost any points in the Dark Eldar force, so I figured I should capitalize on them as much as possible, free transports are a tremendous boon!

I ordered the Dark Eldar force from Onslaught miniatures. Branded as the Stygians, these are wonderful sculpts consisting of white metal. There was little flash on the models, so they required only a bare minimum of work prior to assembly.

The models though are 7 pieces including the base! So it takes a little while to put them together.
Raiders in fine form

I'm debating paint schemes. I debate whether or not to go with a traditional Drukhari theme with a deep green base tone and a blood red sail, or to flip the theme and go with a maroon ox blood base with a teal sail. We shall see.

I also debate about the basing for the models. The Raiders are easy enough, I'm using some old Warmaster bases for them, but the infantry I could use either round bases or long rectangle bases. The rectangle bases would provide a maximum frontage for the infantry, though I'll admit that the round bases do look amazing, even if the frontage is considerably smaller.

In the meantime, I absolutely enjoy the sculpts and the look of these models in this scale. I cannot wait to start painting these.

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