Iku-Turso Mission 1: Distress

Iku-Turso.  Haven't heard of it?  Few have.  Small, with a few cities, and even fewer defenses, the Scourge took it swiftly, and those UCM fools haven't even taken a second look at attempting to take it back.  To be honest, it wasn't even showing up on our starcharts, metaphorically speaking, until today. 
We just received a distress signal from some of our scientists, claiming to be captured by the Scourge.  This in itself is strange - the Scourge typically turn all captured lifeforms into hosts, who are then just hollowed husks of their former selves.  To leave them intact is unheard of.  To add to this strangeness, we have also detected Shaltari and UCM messages sourced from the same location on the planet.  They're encrypted, and we have yet to decipher, but at this point we are assuming that they are similar distress calls.
We need you to go in and investigate.  This could be a trap, and we could have Shaltari or UCM visitors as well, so we need a small team to in, to reduce the risk.  Extract our science team if possible.  If other teams are there, feel free to "liberate" them as well - any intel we can extract from them will be most useful.
Army Size:  800 points

Scenario:  Targets of Opportunity (Page 55, core rulebook), with the following changes:
  1. There is a base in the middle consisting of 3 buildings.  The rest of the area is woods and rocks.
  2. There is one objective in each building - one is a UCM science team, another is a Shaltari science team, and the third is a PHR science team.  "Liberating" any and all teams can be helpful, but obviously our own scientists will be a lot more open to share with us what's going on.  When an objective is revealed, randomly determine which team you found.  Holding or extracting your own faction's science team is worth 1 extra VP.
  3. There is a Bullhorn in the area (Reconquest Phase 2, page 45), who will come on the scene starting in Round 2.  He follows the normal rules, but will also destroy any trees it runs through.
  4. Round 6 - The Scourge Respond!
    In Round 6, before each activation, a single Scourge unit (randomly a Hunter or a Reaper) will arrive via a random side of the board at full MV value, and attack the closest Shaltari or PHR unit.

"Scourge Respond!"  Fine Print:
 - Scourge Unit will go after target closest to side it's coming in on.
 - Scourge Unit will go minimum distance required, and then fire available weapons at it.
 - If no unit in range from that side, will attack building in range.  If no building in range, will go full Mv distance towards closest unit, and will go into "overwatch".  It will fire once with +2Ac against next available target (whether land or air.)
 - Reapers prioritize Air targets, then buildings, then ground targets.

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