Echoes Complete

Echo squad in all its glory.
One of our favourite things to do in my home is to go upstairs into our loft on a cold, wintery day and watch Star Trek: The Next Generation and my wife will knit while I paint. It's wonderful to be able to hang out like that.

So this morning my wife said that she wanted to go upstairs and knit.

I was able to complete the rest of my Echoes this morning which was an unexpected and happy surprise. I even had the chance to complete assembling the rest of the launch assets as well as base the last Medea and 2 Orpheus in the fleet.

Officially I have 2 cruisers and 1 frigate left to complete the fleet, so I'm WAY ahead of time! Which is good because it's looking like I have some painting to do with my Dropzone Commander army for Adepticon.

Since Echoes have the Stealth characteristic I wanted to add
the ECM suites from the Calypsos.
The final touches to the fleet will be to paint the bases as well as the launch assets, I imagine that I should be able to get those done in an evening though.

I figure 9 more evenings will complete this fleet. I'm very happy with the progress.

But as far as my Echoes are concerned I am very happy with how these kitbashed ships turned out. They are exactly what I imagined the corvettes looking like.

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