Of Winged Warriors and Listerbations

Oh my god, I'm an excited nerd.

Just found out yesterday that Black Knight Games down in Hamilton is hosting a Dropzone Commander tournament! AND it's of an actual decent points value!

The tournaments that I've attended out West have only ever been at 1,000pts and while many tournament organizers might think that a thousand points is a newbie friendly value, they would be wrong.

DZC, in my opinion, doesn't scale well at 1,000pts. In order to produce decently sized battlgroups, many factions end up exceeding the 1/3pts restriction with the noted exceptions of the Scourge and especially the Shaltari since the space hedgehogs have their transports counted in a separate battlegroup.

With the new units available to all the races this might have changed, but I do know that I was, for the longest time, unable to field anything in a Poseidon which would allow me to take a brick of walkers and as a result, actually ended up spending MORE points on transports at a thousand points than I would have at 1,500! I know that my buddy who plays UCM and is a brilliant strategist found the same problem with his list building. A thousand points is tough and certainly requires someone to know what they are doing by way of list creation.

At 1,500pts everyone can take decently sized battlegroups which allows all of the races to enjoy the full scale of their model range.

So thus begins the sweet, sweet process of excessive listerbation. I know that I'll take my PHR. And everything will be fully painted, since I'm so close to having my first 1,500pt list ready. But what to take?

After reading this great article on Orbital Bombardment, I've started to rethink my tournament list. I'll still take my original list versus Andrew later this month. I feel like it's a friendly list that presents a traditional PHR experience for my opponent. But for the tournament I will likely need a more competitive edge, especially given that I'm, at best, a middling player.

According to Zombiestate the Valkyries are just too good not to take, same with the Medusa. Further, it would seem that the PHR meta in it's current state is that the double Juno APCs in a Neptune is a waste of points when compared to the range and versatility of the Tritons.

I've heard such talk before, to be honest. In my local group back in Calgary, a bunch of players that I have a tremendous amount of respect for, they had often mentioned that they felt the Tritons were a force to be reckoned with.

The Valkyries are a no-brainer. They really are phenomenal, especially at their points level, so I should likely pick up a pack of them soon. The Tritons will always be a welcome addition to my collection and since I seem to have lost 1 I've only got a single one in my collection, so I'll likely need to pick up 2 packs of them.

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