The Long Awaited Update

My God, did Summer ever fly by!

My apologies for not updating the blog on any kind of a regular basis. I've been crazy busy switching dayjobs, running a business and then it turns out that I've got sever sleep apnea, so it's no wonder I don't have energy for anything after a day's work!

The La Rochelle Surveys the battle against the Chinese.
Dystopian Wars: With Dystopian Wars 2.0 having been out since May now, I've had a chance to have a few games and play in a tournament. Wow has that system ever been expanded upon! I've played a good many of the core nations and I can say with confidence that they all feel very balanced while at the same time having a great degree of flavour for each one. One of my favourite games that I've had so far has been against my buddy Dave and his Chinese. I totally thought that I was going to lose pretty badly against his Chinese and their devestating flame throwers, however in the last 2 turns I was finally able to get my remaining forces within range for my own heat lances to start dishing out some serious hurt and barely pulled a win by getting my fleet objective. 

Dropzone Commander: I did manage to get some Dropzone Commander games in with my buddy Brad.
UCM sweep through the city streets.
A little while ago I invested in a sizeable Post Human Republic army but haven't had the chance to play a full 1500pt list. Brad thankfully gave me the chance a few weeks ago against his UCM. The first game Brad one by 1 point and in the second I won by a point! I have to say, Dropzone is an INCREDIBLE game system! Very balanced! Very tactical. Lots of movement! I also have to brag a little bit for finally winning a game against Brad, I have to say it's likely been more than a year since I've actually won a game against him so it felt pretty good.

A lone priest fires a devastating salvo
Flames of War: I finally dusted off my Americans and it felt like Christmas. There was this HUGE army, all painted and looking like a really high standard of modelling... I haven't touched my Americans in over a year so it felt really good to be able to break them out again. I promised my bud Geoff that I'd attend Attack X this year with him and the boys so thought that I should start getting some practice games in with the Americans. While I got totally pasted by Geoff's unforgiving Tines & Tees, it was still nice to get back into the mix of things and have a good ground pounding game.

Video Games: I was crazy a little while back and upgraded my system. I invested in a really swank
Docking maneuvers to landing pad 10
Alienware 18 gaming laptop with a 27" monitor a Saitek x52 Joystick and Throttle set and splurged and got into the premium Elite Dangerous Beta. Holy shit, does that game ever rock! If you have any kind of desire to fly spaceships in a simulator kind of scenario I HIGHLY recommend spending the $75 to get in on the beta. That game is so beautiful. From dogfights to docking maneuvers that game is elegant! It's Oculus Rift compatible which I think would likely be the nail in the coffin for me, I'd get too addicted for my own good!

Painting: There has been a sad lack of painting as of late on my table. To be honest, I've had very little energy left at the end of the day to devote to painting. It bothers the bloody hell out of me but there you have it. I don't think I can actually recall the last thing that I have painted completely...

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