The Pan Hemisphere Painting Challenge: Progress Update

So the painting progresses, albeit slowly. I'm still working on my Ecuyer, having finished the decking last night I was surprised at just how much there is on these little guys. Still, it's slow going and I've definitely been distracted as of late by Kerbal Space Program. I love that game. But I love getting models done more, so I'm buckling down and getting my stuff done!

I'm actually really looking forward to doing the Marsailles, those are my 'reward' for finishing the Ecuyer. I love the skimmers and they look so damned good once they are done.

The Chevalier I'll be honest about, I rarely field, but they are a great unit it's just that my meta tends to be a little more up in your face and aggressive with my smalls. It'll be nice to have them done too though.

I also was a bad boy and broke down and bought the boxed set for the Kingdom of Denmark. Those medium airship carriers are too sexy to ignore. I did unpack everything but I'm not touching them until I get my French done.

Is there heroin in that resin? I wonder...

Pictures in the next post. Promises.

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