The Toulon Triplets

Medium class ships are a tough bird for the French, we don't really have a clear winner in there. Lots to choose from but nothing that really shines out in a huge way.

In this fleet I opted for some Toulon Mk IIs. I've fielded them singularly and really enjoyed the boost to speed and the Dash & Elan they received in their upgrade. Along with the Requins it allowed for the French to have a little bit of boarding power, which is never a base thing if you are a fleet that deals in Range Band 2 as your optimal sweet spot.

Continuing the name plate tradition (It's REALLY hard to paint those letters!) I named these Toulons the Espoir (Hope), La Foi (The Faith) and Devoir (Duty). I figured the crew regard the three as Knights errant of the seas, since they are armoured.

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