Out of the Basement Tournament Coverage Part 2

My lone Lyon Frigate faced off against Michael's Gunships.

Four club members of The Calgary REGIMENT went to Edmonton to compete in the Out of the Basement Tournaments for Firestorm Armada and Dystopian Wars. Here is a re-accounting of what took place:

Day Two: Dystopian Wars

By far my favourite game system at the moment, I was rediculously excited about the upcoming Dystopian Wars tournament. I slogged through a French fleet at an unbelievable pace in order to field a fully painted fleet for this tourney and I was glad that I did.

The French fleet line just before battle.
My first round was actually against my buddy Jordan. having taken his Empire of the Blazing Sun, I was quite comfortable facing off against that faction, having spent the most time in my Dystopian Wars games to date, taking on them. I decided to take the fleet order Destory All Mediums +50% because I knew that it would force Jordan to perhaps be a little more cautious with his nasty mix of smalls and mediums. The EotBS have such a great selection of ships but their mediums and small together are particularly nasty. I did manage to eek out a minor victory.

In my second round I was faced off against Michael and his totally gorgeous Empire of the Blazing Sun. Holy hell, I had trouble concentrating on that round because his models were just so gorgeous! Like a truly talented modeler and painter he is and I was completely honoured that I got the nod to display my own French next to his EotBS for Best Painted. His was clearly the better painted fleet. What with hand painted lettering and symbols, flags and beautiful examples of colour modulation but I was still honoured to be next to his fleet in the competition. I managed to pull out a pretty decent victory against his fleet. My French were boarding and heat lancing maniacs.

Inari Sky Rotors promise rocket death to the enemy.
My third round saw me on the top table against my buddy Geoff and his horrifying Ottomans. It was so nice to see his fleet on the table, a gorgeous paint job, but his fleet literally took mine apart. I'll admit, I have a very hard time seeing the Ottomans as a balanced fleet.They seem to just steamroll over everything they encounter.

In the end I placed fairly high up on the scores I think and also was awarded Best Sportsman for the tourney. Geoff ended up taking Best Overall and Michael was voted Best Painted by a landslide. It was a great tournament and I'm looking forward to more Dystopian Wars tourneys in 2014.
The French Toulon's charge into the gunships to finish them.
EotBS fighters ready for CAP duty.
An EotBS Sky Fortress surveys the battle.

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