French Fleet is Completed!

Anticipation is a BIG reason why I get into a painting project in the first place.

I'm not an instant gratification guy. Well, my hobby budget says otherwise, but hear me out. The real satisfaction that I get out of my hobby is imagining how cool the completion of that project will be; being able to savour that moment when all my models in a fleet are finished, everything has had it's last brushstroke applied and a nice, super glossy coat of varnish has been applied to everything. 

Mmm. Candy.

I managed to start and finish my French within a week, minus the Requin assault corvettes which I'd used as a test earlier in December.

With La Rochele completed I turned my attention to the 20 tokens of Tiny Fliers. I knew these were gonna suck. Mostly cause I'm a moron and decided that a 3 tone drybrush plus a wash on each itty bitty fighter was the only way that I'd be satisfied. In addition I painted the fleet colours, lines and the rondelles on every fighter's wings...  But the effect in the end was great.

So here it is, my 1000pt heavy assault, heat lance themed fleet. I love it. I'm so glad to have been able to meet a painting target finally, having missed a few for other tournaments that I'd attended.

I've got to say, it's one thing playing with a half-painted fleet. It is quite another thing when you've got every single piece painted and laid out on a really nice terrain board. Playing through a game with a fully painted army is a treat and allows your mind to really get into the game. 

I make pew pew noises. Don't judge. Shut up.

Once I finish the Ryushi fleet for the Firestorm Tournament I'll keep the pace going with my French, focussing on rounding out my mediums with the Ecuyer Support Class Cruisers (Excellent Ack Ack platforms), the Marseilles skimming cruisers and the Furieaux scout ships. I should be able to bang those out with relative speed.

I hope you've enjoyed this little mini-series of posts for this project. I've VERY much enjoyed writing about it!

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