Bestest best girlfriend ever or 1 reason Adam and i get along

So for Christmas my girlfriend gave me a very nice card with a tiny sheet of paper in it with an image of a airbrush and compressor. Unfortunately due to courier malfunctions(they are the worst) I did not receive this until last night.
Now upon closer inspection my girlfriend didn't just get me a starter airbrush kit no no this is a great setup that will last me a good long time. I couldn't ask for a better introduction to airbrushing. 

On a slightly different topic Adam and myself are cut from similar cloth that's why we seem to get along so well. I am going to the same tournament that he has previously mentioned. I have tons of models to paint I have to finish work on my eotbs and I am either going to repaint my sorylian fleet or my warmachine. So what did I do I received this last night as well.
Cause I just dont have enough to work on. On that note it is now go time I have very little free time and tons of work to do.

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