What Would The Robits Do?

Ahh the immortal words of Dr. Zoidberg. Was there ever a more wise crustacean in possession of a doctorate? I think not.
But in the case of these robits, what they'd do is turn my own unpainted hunks of metal into slag heaps across the blasted landscapes of Terra Nova. But they do it looking so good!

I had the chance to play a game of Heavy Gear with my buddy Kyle, who owns the local gaming store Imaginary Wars. As is the plight of many a local game store owner, running a business often means he does not get the chance to play his favourite games, so when I heard he had a night free I jumped on the opportunity to play him.

Turns out not being able to play much didn't dull his tactical sensibilities much.

BUT I did get a chance to take some really cool snaps of his Southern gears. Nerdgasmy goodness!

Enjoy the pics!

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