The Commitment

Man, it really has been a horrifically long time since I've posted anything of any kind of detail. For that, my dear readers, I am sorry.

As I've said in previous posts, it's definitely been a transformative year. What with the flood, break up, moving out and getting resettled into my new life, there has been an abundance of things to keep my attentions away from Dystopian Wars.

But I've got the itch and the time. So here is my re-commitment to my hobby:

  • Painting: I'm trying to complete at least one project, even if small, a week. I'd like to blog about these projects and provide something by way of painting tutorials on a somewhat regular basis.
  • Covenant: My beloved Covenant got a REALLY nice boost in the latest A5 Update Booklet. I'd also like to finish painting the fleet. I actually got them all together on one of my gaming tables the other day and I'm over halfway there. I'll post pictures of it, it's a MASSIVE fleet and it got me really excited to finally see it complete.
  • Podcast: I'm truly flattered that I have received numerous private messages and direct emails and comments asking about our podcast. I honestly would have figured you fellas would have forgotten about us by now since it's been over 6 months since we last posted a podcast. But it got me and the boys excited and while it was obvious that doing a 2 week podcast was neigh unto impossible to organize, we do think that we could regularly commit to a monthly podcast. So we've got that scheduled and hopefully can have something for you soon.
  • Current Project: I'm working on small, bite sized chunks. Right now I'm trying to finish the ships in my current Covenant collection that are started or halfway done. On the painting table right now I have the remaining 2 of my 6 Galen Class Escorts, a Plutarch Destroyer and the last of my Xeno Class Armoured Cruisers. I LOVED those Xenos in the tourney we recently hosted (more about that soon).

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