The Needs of the Many

As our little Dystopian Wars community grows I find that we have an increased need for terrain and boards. I LOVE providing support to the community so folks can play games that I thoroughly enjoy and as I have a mind towards hosting a tournament in the Fall, I'm aware that I'm going to have to start thinking about how we're going to lay those tables out.

I really do not want these tables to be cloth or roll out mats. Though some good quality mats can be very beautiful, I find that if you don't have a sturdy base it can lead to lots of stuff getting shuffled around as well as ambiguities about board size.

The boards that I made up originally are pretty much perfect for our needs and we can often make it a 4'x4' for games smaller than 1000pts.

So if I make up at least 1 more 6 x 4 board in the same sections as my last one it means I will be able to split the panels to accommodate to either make 2 full sized boards or 3 4x4 boards which will be perfect for the tournament.

Lessons learned from the first board though have taught me that I should do all of the construction framing prior to actually painting and putting the Envirotex on the boards, so I'll be sure to do that first.

I think for now just making 1 more full sized table will be fine, though if I want to host a tournament with at least 12 players we're going to be looking at 4 full sized tables in all, which is a bit of storage!

For terrain, I definitely have enough for 3 tables already. I've got more than enough of the Battlefield in a Box  rocks that have been done up to look like outcrops in the ocean and a second and third island sets that are near completion.

I'd love to find a reason to get a 4x4 board worthy version of Deception Island set up for one of those tables, I think that would make for a beautiful board!

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