Taking them to the Cleaners

So I mentioned in our last podcast how I royally fucked up the painting scheme on my French. Really it was from step one that I messed them up. What is step one? Don't talk about fight club? Nope. Wash your models!

I've been pretty lucky to date, I haven't really needed to be too sticky about it to date. On the larger models I've given them a bath but cruiser sized and smaller I haven't worried about it too much.

This time however, when I sprayed the French starter set they started to immediately peel! So I flaked them off and then spray bombed them again. Afterwards I then tested out my camo technique and used some sticky tape to spray white over the wolf grey spray... Oh what a mess. The mottled and flaking sprayed paint underneath just lifted everything off and it was a huge mess! I'm not normally this careless.

Anyhow, I soaked them in a Simple Green bath but the paint wasn't coming off too much. So I got a cheap ultrasonic cleaner and that helped a great deal! I ran several cycles of the ultrasonic cleaner on the models and then applied a little elbow grease and I was able to get most of the stubborn bits off.

One thing I've noticed: Metal has WAY better results in an ultrasonic cleaner than resin does. I am assuming that is because the resin is actually a somewhat soft and light material, especially when compared to a pewter model. Also because it is porous I imagine that the paint has a chance to adhere to all sorts of areas whereas on a pewter model the paint would just peel off with barely any effort.

So with those cleaned I can retry the paint scheme but I have to put the project on hold because I've got a Flames of War tournament in Kelowna that is looming before me and I've got over 40 models to finish before we leave on the 19th! Ack!

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