First Dystopian Wars Demo Day Recap

Well, that was fun!

So I hosted the first Dystopian Wars demo day today and we had ups and downs. The down side was that Calgary got nailed with a pretty nasty amount of snow. This late in April that can happen but it is unusual and it meant that there wasn't a lot of foot traffic that came to the store.

Now this being said of the people who did play Dystopian Wars, the overwhelming majority of people had expressed an interest in getting involved and they were starting to pick out starter boxed sets of the nations that they wanted to get into! LOTS of interest in the Covenant of Antarctica and the FSA as a result of the demo games.

This is great. I'm definitely going to run these demo days again and there were folks who played the demos who asked if I would run painting tutorials and further "newb-friendly" events in the future. So I guess that's a great thing!

I'm hoping to get enough interest with people involved in the game that we'll have a big enough community in Calgary to run a tournament. I think that given today's level of interest I think it is absolutely a certainty that we can run a tournament at the end of the summer! :) Woot!

Thanks for coming out guys!


  1. Always cool when your efforts get rewarded as such.. good going! And pity about the snow bit.. if that didn't happen, I can only wonder how many people you would have signed up then!

  2. Thanks Lee. Yeah we'll definitely be running these events in the future!