A Break from Americans... With Americans

Federated States of America face off against the Covenant
of Antarctica.
I've been working away lately at a Flames of War American Armored Company for the upcoming Kelowna Tournament. It's been a bit of a slog because I'd finished a REALLY large 1000pt force at the end of the year for the Americans but am still faced with painting no less than 43 more models to complete the tournament list.

But this isn't about Flames of War! This is about Dystopian Wars! So I've got some upcoming demonstrations booked with the local stores and I needed to finish off the American models that Spartan Games sent along to me. So to make things easy I decided what better colour to go with but the American Armored colour scheme that I'm using for my Flames army? Makes sense, the Brown Violet is instantly recognizable as an iconic American military colour and it'll contrast nicely with the Covenant of Antarctica which is the other Nation that Spartan Games has us representing.

Visuals are a big key here with the board, I want to be sure that things look good for the players because it's so important in an interactive demonstration such as this.

So have a look! I really like how they turned out!

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