Clockwerk Warriors Podcast Episode 5: Keep Your Eye on the Little Guy

Hey hey! We've got another podcast coming at you quickly here! Brad and Adam talk about a whole whack of stuff. Take a look at the show notes:

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  • Current Projects: What's on the painting table and games we've played.
  • Model Review
    • The Plato: Pre-Fresnel Support Cruiser, Post-Fresnel Support Cruiser.
  • The 600Pt Game
    • List construction
    • Benefits and detractions
    • Complementary squadrons
    • Activations and card hands
  • Line of Sight (Obstructing and Blocking)
    • How to use obstructing and blocking with models
    • Using obstructing and blocking defensively or offensively
    • Terrain and how it affects lines of sight
    • How to prioritize activations according to lines of sight
  • The Tactical Edge:
    • Escorts: Why are they good. How to use them.
    • How to use Escorts defensively
    • Why Escorts are so great offensively: ramming and boarding

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