600pt Games & Campaign Planning

So we were mentioning in our last podcast that we've been playing a lot of 600pt games. They've been a real blast to play too, though I was surprised initially because I didn't think that they would be that good. The thing that we've found though is that at 600pts we have to make some very tough choices! There isn't room for anything like toys, you've got to stick to one theme and go with it! Also, taking a loss of any kind can really hurt! And a Running Repairs card is a bloody Godsend.

Anyhow, it's got me to thinking about the campaign and how we want to look at designing that little thing. So what I'm thinking of is blending concepts that are found in the Battlefleet Gothic campaign (Which I've played plenty of times and LOVED) and some of the Cambrian Campaign system. I know that we want to look at a   map based campaign, both Brad and I think that is the most interesting, and I'd like to pick a specific theatre to engage in, like the Pacific, or the Indian Ocean, British Isle, ect. to just test out our rules for the first time at least.

One of the things that I spend a LOT of time thinking about is whether I want us to have something like a fleet registry that we then pick assets from or whether we divide up our Nations' assets into separate fleets and send those out. I'm thinking something like a combination of the two.

I also like the idea of fighting over specific assets like ports which would grant you the ability to build new assets (or do repairs). Another thing would be something like damages from battle to battle (though I'm not sure how good that would be, we shall have to see about that), being able to run supplies to an armada out in the ocean and skill upgrades.

Anyhow. Lots to think about!

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