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This is a bit of a rambley post.

I've been feeling inspired lately in practically all of my hobbies as of late; if only there was more time!

Last Friday I got together with my club and we played a really fun game of Flames of War. Myself and my partner Brad played two 1000pt armies against Al and Dave's US Airborn and Canadian forces. We were playing a river crossing scenario using Brad's new bocage rows and man did they ever add flavour to the board! I took a couple of quick snaps of the centre road that ran up the length of the board to a bridge. It was covered by hedge and tree rows on either side and really made the entire game quite visually appealing!

Sunday we got together and played a 1250pt game of Covenant versus Rising Sun, though we were both quite disappointed that we ran out of time yet again. Seems we play a bit of a slow game and I know that for myself there are times in the larger sized games I get a bit muddled with how to execute any particular strategy. Likely doesn't help that I'm feeling like I'm always rusty with any particular ruleset whether it is Flames of War, Dystopian Wars or Heavy Gear. I really need to review!

Tonight we're going to have another round of Dystopian Wars. Our friend Kurtis decided to get in and purchased a Russian starter box so we'll be able to start playing that, which I'm quite excited about. I just love the visuals of this game.

It's funny, my opponent Brad mentioned yesterday that as we go along in Dystopian Wars my army gets more and more 'weird science' what with the addition of Fresnel cruisers, Aronax subs, time dialation orbs and weird sky fortresses. I have to admit, I felt chuffed at that comment. I fricken LOVE that army!

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