Plans within Plans, Gears within Cogs.

Well happy New Years everybody! I trust everyone got through 2012 just fine with narry a Mayan (or Zombie) Apocalypse to be seen.

I'm enjoying thinking and scheming about the various projects that I'm going to take on in this new year. I think that my primary game, Flames of War, is going to take a back seat for 2013. I love the game, painting the models has been an absolute blast and I dearly love my Germans and Americans, but even if you love steak and potatoes having it all the time means that you get tired of it after a while.

So, after having gone through that gigantic painting project of a 1000pts of Americans in 24 days I was pretty burnt out of painting. And then what with the Vancouver tournament, Tanksgiving and now our January local club tournament, I'm pretty burnt out of WWII.

So I'm taking a break from that. Which I'm quite excited about, actually. Because I have a metric ton of Dystopian figures to get to painting and I'm feeling the bug again! I've based my British in a rich cream colour from my Flames of War British desert scheme and decided upon a colour scheme that I quite enjoy.

I've also got a box of French that I'm REALLY looking forward to cracking open but I want to get my British finished so I can do some serious demo games with the CoA and Brits.

Also, going with the theme of gears and cogs I bit the bullet and got in on a nice deal that Dream Pod 9 has going on right now for their Heavy Gear Blitz series. I decided upon the Nu Coal army because I really enjoy the look of their recon gears. There are a few guys here who are interested in playing this, so there is a group to play with which always makes getting into a game easier.

So it's great! 2013 will be about Steampunk and Sci-Fi robots! My plan is to get my Brits finished in the next couple of weeks.

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