Clockwerk Warriors Podcast Episode 3: A Gaggle of Nerds

Huzzah huzzah! So we actually got the boys together and computers were working and we actually were able to record our third podcast!

So a bit of a heads up: We do talk about Dystopian Wars, what we've been up to. I actually talk about the value of the Battlefoam cases for DW as well and we talk a lot about our impressions of Storm of Steel versus Hurricane Season (Spoiler: We think SoS is way better!) but we also talk a lot about Heavy Gear Blitz in the latter half of the podcast, so if that doesn't interest you, we warn you ahead of time if you just want to stop there.

That being said we think it's great to listen about other games, so check it out.

We were also joined by Alem, Kurtis and Ryan so with 6 nerds in the room there were a lot of opinions and laughing. :)

Show note:

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Where have we been?
What have we been up to?
Storm of Steel: Infantry tokens.
Storm of Steel versus Hurricane Season. Air Core linking Land and Navy
Heavy Gear: What is it? Why are we loving it?

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  1. Very excellent overview of Heavy Gear Blitz!, although I will say, Adam, with no hard feelings, that it might have been helpful to cut the two pieces apart and place Dystopian Wars apart from Heavy Gear. Not that I won't give your favorite game its due, simply that I wasn't quite sure where Dystopian ended until I had skipped forward and heard 'Heavy Gear'. :)

    In addition, I would also like to point out I am glad you guys covered the Southern Forged In Fire rulebook for everyone, if only briefly.