Best Laid Plans

Hrm, well that didn't work.

It's like trying to herd cats here, getting this podcast tucked away. I feel really badly about that because I know that people enjoy the content and we enjoy recording it.

So despite my best laid plans, I ended up not being able to record the podcast. Folks had to reschedule and it would have been a podcast of 1 which I don't think is terribly interesting to listen to. We are trying for next weekend, hopefully that will go through.

I'm at odds about what to do with my blog. I LOVE Clockwerk Warriors, but I feel I should open it up. Clearly my interests in gaming are... diverse and I feel by keeping it to just Dystopian Wars means that I really should only post about that.

When the truth is, I'm playing many different types of games. Dystopian, Flames of War, Epic Armageddon, Heavy Gear... Often times I have felt that I would like a platform to talk about those things as well but then fear that in watering the subject down to whatever interests me at the time it may not appeal to my current readers.

So, weigh in folks. Are you like me and play all sorts of different games, or are you solely and concertedly dedicated to one?


  1. For what it is worth I think you need to strike a balance between the things that you are excited about to keep you delivering a podcast, but perhaps keeping the scope just narrow enough that people who are listening for one of two of the topics in particular keep subscribing and listening. Personally I am here for the Dystopian Wars, but I have a pretty obvious soft spot for some FOW discussion, plus it is always interesting to hear about what things are excited like minded gamers (maybe I am missing out on something cool....).

  2. Open it up - all it will do is expand people's gaming experience.

  3. Thanks for the responses guys! Great to hear people's opinions. :)

    Wargamer, I had a look around your blog. Just LOVE your Prussian Army. I added you to my Blog List.

    1. Thanks for the comments - I may not get to play as much as I would like, but the models are so great they keep me painting them.