Update: No podcast this week.

Hiya Fellow Steamnaughts! I just wanted to fire off a quick notice letting people know that we'll be publishing our next podcast next Monday, November 19th. We had a fairly involved tournament in Vancouver to prepare for this weekend, so we weren't able to get the podcast in.


The Clockwerk Warrior Team.


  1. Hey guys great podcast. Looking forward to the next one (your possible already in post-production). I'd love to hear your thoughts on table size & scenarios. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hey guys, just wanted to say I'm just starting up with DW and your podcast is great and really motivating me to want to learn and get into it more.

    Thanks for all your hard work and I hope the next ep will be along soon!

  3. Still looking forward to the next one. ;P
    Seeing a community effort (like a podcast) is nothing short of motivating.

  4. Hey guys! Thanks for all of the feedback, it's definitely nice to hear! We're sorry it's been SO long. Long story but basically with a business startup and then a pretty horrific computer crash, it's been hard to get a podcast in. Soon though, soon!