WIP: Dystopian Wars Table.

The board after about being halfway cured.
Holy hell it has been a busy weekend! Amongst all of the socializing, day-trips and other odds and sods that have taken up the weekend, I've basically forgone sleep and stayed up late to get a Dystopian Wars table done for our upcoming campaign and games.

The Board: First thing is first. The most important part of this series of projects was getting the board done. I REALLY wanted a full 6x4 foot board but then I wouldn't be able to transport it anywhere or do any kind of demos, so that wasn't really negotiable.

My test piece turned into a swank Fleet Display board.
I could almost fit a 4'x4' board into my car but was just short by a few inches so instead opted for 3 2'x4' boards that would all link together. Inspired by Vic's YouTube video in my last post I opted for the tri-colour effect with an epoxy-resin finish on top of the paint scheme in order to create the illusion of waves.

I was worried that the Envirotex that I opted to use instead of the Glasscoat, which you can't get in Canada wouldn't have the same rippling effect. Fortunately I found out that the Envirotex worked just fine, though in some areas there was a little bit of CO2 bubbling and in some other areas the rippling didn't work to the same extent that I wanted.

Still though, I was quite happy with the results!

Fleet Display Board: I did test out the blend of colours and resin on a spare piece of MDF board which, after picking up a frame at Walmart for $7 turned into quite a nice little display board for my Covenant of Antarctica! Now only if I had tournaments to take this to!

A medium sized island drying after being spackled.
Moar Island! So 1 smallish island isn't nearly enough. I'm going to go ahead and make the assumption that this game gets better with more terrain. It's a bit of a balance, because you don't want so much terrain that your ships can't turn anywhere, but you want enough that tactics actually will have some effect. So I constructed 2 more islands, an average sized one and a large one that could actually have some decent land forces on when the time comes. They are drying after being spackled in this picture.

My large island where I'll experiment with waterfall effects.
Cheap and easy way to add more terrain to the board. The Water Effects is drying to become clear.
On The Rocks: Finally, I picked up a Battlefield in a Box series Rocky Outcrops boxed set for $25 which came with 7 painted rocky outcrops (Like the box says!). Instead of flocking them I used some Woodland Scenics Watter Effects which is a sculptable glue-like material that lets you create all sorts of water effects, such as waves. In the larger island I'll use it to make a waterfall between the two mountain peaks.

So we're getting through the terrain making stage of my Dystopian set. Lots of work to do still but I LOVE making terrain in this scale!

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  1. Nice work on the terrain here. Just about to get into DW myself, so this is inspirational. Will have fun to make something similar once I get my starter box in.