New Recruits from Drydock

I had a throat infection over the last couple of days, so I took a couple of days off of work. Napping and watching movies can only happen for so long though before I start to go bonkers so I decided that I'd get back to work on the production lines.

I am super excited to get my Epicurus Sky Fortress done for my Covenant of Antarctica. I absolutely LOVE the style of this ship. Plus it helps that it's a carrier as well (I absolutely love carriers) and it's really decent in close up combat. With a 6DR and a 10CR it can take a bit of a beating, for sure. The whole 'weird science' aspect of this beastie is great. For example, like in the Pericles and the thoughtful artistic direction that went into thinking up how the drones are launched, so too the Epicurus has that same thoughtful process.

If you look at the underside of the model there is a corkscrew assembly that shows drones being lined up 4 deep in different channels. Up top on the launch turret you can see that the drones are being fed through the 'mothership' to the launch turret and that is how they are deployed. Which I suppose explains why the ship would have the Quick Launch MAR. Rapidly being able to fire drones through a turret would be quicker than a traditional carrier that would need tiny fliers to launch off of a deck.

The shield generator is prominently displayed on the fore deck, just above the command console. While there was just a ton of detail in this model, it was a simple joy to paint. I gotta say, painting and modelling in this scale is so great because of the whole narrative that the scale lends itself to. From observation decks to launch bays, generator assemblies to weapon systems, you can imagine the crew running around this ship in a flurry of activity executing the Captain's orders.

Next up I also got the 5 Plutarch Destroyers that I'm going to be fielding prominently in my fleets. The CoA have a big advantage in the Destroyer category, I feel, because they can be fielded in squadrons of 5 and get the Pack Hunter MAR which is really powerful! No wonder my buddy Brad commonly will target them first. I wanted to draw attention to the ball turret so made sure that it was the steel grey colour that is common in my fleet and took special attention to highlighting the energy green, pulsing with the Stuginium 270 element. I'll have to figure out a way to get better at shielding them. Only trick is Brad likes to take a great deal of Air units in his force, so the common LOS rules often don't apply to them.


  1. Nice work on the carrier and the destroyers! Am also always interested to hear your tactical comments. More about Brad's since we have the same faction, but still ;) Knowing what you perceive as a weakness for CoA is also helpful :D

    Good job on the green parts of the destroyers though.

  2. Thanks man. The Plutarchs are great because they add another dice to each attack above the original. So that's a great deal of dice indeed! Only trick is they are pretty squishy. 3DR and 5CR, so they usually get picked off before they can get in.

    I'll see if I can't wrangle Brad on here to blog too. ;)