Weekend Project: Dystopian Wars Table

I have been totally inspired by this video and I've got the Dystopian Wars bug bad!

Brad and I were able to meet with my buddy Brett and get a taste for what the French bring to the table last Tuesday. Wow are there heat lances ever something to look out for! Fortunately I think that my Covenant of Antarctica were well equipped to deal with them incoming fire because I seemed to roll hot on shield saves.

But it did get me to thinking that buying up models is all well and fine but those excellent models really deserve a good world (read: table) in which to fight each other.

Which got me to looking around on the net to find out if anyone else has done this project in the last little while. Turns out lots of folks have!

I came across the above tutorial pretty early on and it was excellent! While I can't get my hands on any Glasscoat, I am going to try out the resin wave effect with Envirotex instead and see how that works. I'll try it out on a display board first to make sure I don't baff some perfectly good table.

So my weekend project is to whip out in quick order a Dystopian Wars table, complete with islands, sand bars, etc.

For me this will achieve two objectives: I'll have a board that I can cart around and demo the game and play really excellent quality games on and at the same time I'll have a great platform in which to take some excellent quality pictures for this blog! Win win.

Here is my shopping list:

For the water effects:
Woodland Scenics Sculpted Water

3 2' x 4' 1/2" plywood (I debated alternate sizes but in the interests of transportability I'm opting to have 3 sections that can fit together)

Dark blue latex paint
Turquise Paint
Light blue paint

1 large sponge
1 small sponge

Some plastic gloves for handling the envirotex

I'll post some WIP pics this weekend! Very much looking forward to doing this project!

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