Born in Flame

Happy New Year everyone!

Man, what a busy holiday season it has been for me!

On top of Christmas and New Years merrymaking my fiance and I moved into the house that we're renting in Sunnyside. It's been a bit of a whirlwind year so we're looking forward to a little bit of quiet and stability.

The dining room and the basement offer ample opportunities for gaming as they both have quite a lot of space! I'll be setting up a gaming board in a little while for Dystopian Wars and Warmachine as those will likely be my two main games (with Flames of War as my tertiary, the group here only meets once every two weeks, so.).

I have a Warmachine game scheduled for Thursday evening which will be part of a slow grow league that we are having over at Myth Games. I'm looking forward to participating! I'll be taking my Menoth so that I can flesh it out to a full force. I'll be positing painting pics soon as I get a painting station set up here.

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