My Home is My Castle, But What's My Dungeon?

Space is at a bit of premium at the parent in-law's place, so I've been looking at some deals on Steam. Dungeon Defenders was offered at a ridiculously good price on Steam so I bought the four pack for something like $11 US. So I got the pack and handed it out to some friends of mine in the hopes that folks would play with me. :)

Huzzah. I played the demo of this game like crazy. LOVED it and have been waiting for a deal on it ever since. It's a great blend of RPG and Tower Defense. Anyhow, downloading now so I'll check it out and review it fully once it's complete.

In other news I've been assembling and starting to paint the Puma horde in anticipation of the Game Summit Flames of War tournament in February. I'll be posting a complete painting guide on the models in the next week.


  1. Don;t know why, never got into tower defence games.

    Even to get the singing sunflower in WoW's version of plants v zombies, I didn't like it.

  2. I was thinking about grabbing it on the ps3- allows for 4 player on the same screen local, and online multiplayer - for $14

    Can you give a more thorough review?

  3. Sure thing, boys. Review coming up!